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SAEMS, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is actively involved in activities that promote awareness, education, and the understanding of environmental issues, and provides a forum for people employed in the environmental and safety industries to network, learn, and contribute to the community. Located in the desert southwest the organization was established in 1987, founded on three principles: (1) community change truly begins from the ground-up and volunteering to assist, mentor, and create that change is a positive pathway for a community to help its self; (2) unique perspectives, skill-sets from professionals, and a drive to improve environmental conditions help facilitate community stewardships; (3) a well-organized volunteer network that includes short- and long-term strategies is the key to sustainable community environmental management.


Since 1986, community stakeholders have staffed the majority of SAEMS administrative positions and make up our local network of environmental professionals. The majority of SAEMS volunteers offer educational opportunities, and time to raise funds for scholarships to environmental students in southern Arizona. We foster new approaches, a new vision, that nurtures the possibility of long-term educational growth and environmental management change by putting problem solving solutions directly in the hands of community members. Today, SAEMS volunteers help identify problems and work alongside local residents to support local environmental management initiatives.

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