PDEQ Air Quality Awareness Week

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Pima County launches #ThisIsCleanAir Challenge for Air Quality Awareness Week Be air aware this week and always

PIMA COUNTY, May 1, 2023 — The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) Clean Air Program is collaborating with national agencies during Air Quality Awareness Week (May 1-5) to share information and encourage everyone to take daily action to protect the air we love and breathe.


PDEQ is also hosting a #ThisIsCleanAir Challenge throughout the month of May, inviting the public to take a quiz to test their knowledge about air quality and how their habits protect the air we breathe. Quiz takers earn a chance at prizes including a Hydroflask bottle, Camelbak tumbler, bike pannier, bike accessory and maintenance kit, Tucson Attractions Book of Fun, Loop jersey, and more.


Each day of Air Quality Awareness Week focuses on a different air topic. Resources to learn more about each are provided below.


Monday: Wildfires and smoke

Use the AirNow Fire & Smoke Map to see what fires are burning locally and across the United States. PDEQ’s Wildfire Smoke and Your Health webpage provides information and resources, including the Visibility Method, which suggests actions to take to protect health and safety.


Tuesday: Asthma and Your Health

Protect your health by checking current air pollution levels from 15 PDEQ air monitors located around eastern Pima County. Ozone pollution levels tend to be higher April through September.


Wednesday: Air Quality and Transportation

Transportation is the single largest source of air and climate pollution in Pima County. Reduce personal travel emissions by taking public transit, carpooling, biking, walking, or teleworking for work commutes and other trips. Remember, transit is still fare free through at least June 30, 2023.


Thursday: Air Quality and Climate

Sources that emit air pollution are also sources that release greenhouse gases, contributing to global climate change. In addition, climate change is worsening air quality. Extreme heat and drought increase frequency and intensity of wildfires, causing elevated levels of particulate and ozone pollution.


Friday: Participatory Science

The PDEQ Clean Air Program is partnering with the University of Arizona College of Public Health on a program that will be installing air quality sensors at schools in Pima County. PDEQ received a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to fund this program in order to address environmental justice in our region.


Breathable air is a mere six-mile layer surrounding earth. It is precious and important to keep clean and healthy. Air Quality Awareness Week is a launching pad for greater understanding and appreciation for healthy, breathable air, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.


For more information, go to www.pima.gov/HealthyAir.

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PDEQ Air Quality Awareness Week

Pima County launches #ThisIsCleanAir Challenge for Air Quality Awareness Week Be air aware this week and always PIMA COUNTY, May 1, 2023 — The Pima