ADOT News: Litter Hotline offers options for Arizonans helping to ‘Keep Arizona Grand’

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Litter Hotline offers options for Arizonans helping to ‘Keep Arizona Grand’
ADOT issues reminder about website for reporting litter incidents
The state’s Litter Hotline program offers even more convenient ways for travelers to reach out when they see motorists trashing state highways.

The Arizona Department of Transportation’s Litter Hotline website makes it possible for witnesses to input a litter report. People also can call 511, the Arizona Traveler Information phone line, and provide a report via the “Litter Complaint Line” option. 

ADOT processed 1,306 Litter Hotline reports of littering over the past year, slightly down from the 1,714 processed in the same period of 2020.

“State highways provide a first-glance impression to residents and visitors to Arizona,” said Mary Currie, who manages ADOT’s Adopt a Highway programs. “We appreciate that travelers are sending a strong message that littering is not okay. It is a sign that Arizonans want to help Keep Arizona Grand.”

Litter Hotline reports require the license plate number of the vehicle from which someone was spotted littering. ADOT then sends the registered owner a reminder that littering is illegal and costly to clean up, as well as unsightly. It can result in a $500 fine if an incident is spotted by law enforcement. The reminder letter sent out following a Litter Hotline report is accompanied by a small litter bag suitable for use in a vehicle.

ADOT spent more than $7 million over the past year removing trash and dangerous debris from along state highways.

Complementing the efforts of those making Litter Hotline reports, ADOT’s nearly 5,000 Adopt a Highway volunteers last year cleaned up tons of litter on 1,700 miles of state highway – more than 7,800 bags in all. Volunteer participation plummeted 49% in 2020, yet volunteers saved the agency $236,000 that can be put to other uses.  

To learn more about ADOT Adopt a Highway programs, including the Litter Hotline, please visit

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