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30-Day Notification Required for All Modifications

As UST system owners and/or operators, you are our valued partners in protecting soil and groundwater in Arizona. To help you align with state rules and regulations, we want to remind you about the required 30-day notice to ADEQ for UST system modifications:

Plan reviews must be submitted 30 days before work for ALL tank
system modifications.

This is required, in part, because one of our inspectors must be at the site for an inspection during the removal of UDCs, sumps, spill buckets (if saw-cutting concrete for replacement) and any piping replacement or repair.1 2 3

30-day notifications are not required for the following situations:

  • Emergency repairs
    Plan review required as soon as possible after start of work
  • USTs removed from operation to make repairs in response to confirmed or suspected releases
    Plan review required as soon as possible before the start of repairs
  • Minor repairs including leak detection sensor replacements and
    repairs to fittings
    Plan review required as soon as possible before the start of repairs

Failure to meet these and other regulations could result in the suspension of your service provider certification.4 However, we believe we can work together to align our efforts.

Questions about plan reviews?

Contact or call 602-771-4273

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About ADEQ

Under the Environmental Quality Act of 1986, the Arizona State Legislature established the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality in 1987 as the state agency for protecting and enhancing public health and the environment of Arizona. For more information, visit

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