The SAEMS Scholarship

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships for University of Arizona students in an environmental field of study.


To encourage students planning to work in the environmental field or focus on solutions to environmental problems, each spring SAEMS awards scholarships to students pursuing a career in an environmental field. SAEMS scholarship awards total over $235,000 to over 100 students since the very first awards in 1991.


As of February 23, 2022, the application is available (LINK) for current University of Arizona students, who are continuing in the 2022-2023 academic year and pursuing a career in the Environmental, Health, and Safety field.


To be eligible, you must at the time of application:

  • Plan on pursuing a career in the environmental arena
  • Be a full-time University of Arizona undergraduate (12 units+/semester) or grad (3-9 units depending on program requirements)
  • Have a 2.5+ GPA & satisfactory degree progress
  • Continuing enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year at the University of Arizona
  • SAEMS student membership (free) strongly encouraged

To avoid problems with application submissions, please edit and save application responses on your own computer or drive, before pasting into the form for submission. Only one response will be accepted per person. Application deadline is Sunday April 3, 2022.

Entry Requirements

Scholarship application link: LINK (requires University of Arizona email; applications from other schools/email addresses will not be reviewed.)

Please submit the scholarship application form after final December 2021 grades post, no later than April 3, 2022

  • Scholarships to be awarded (approximate range of $500 to $2,500 per award, total anticipated $6,000) are sent to winners’ UA bursar accounts
  • Awards are divided between Fall & Spring semesters, except for $500 one-time scholarships awarded in the Fall only.
  • Scholarship winners are asked to send a thank you letter to the SAEMS Board and Membership, and are also invited as guests to introduce themselves at an upcoming SAEMS virtual or luncheon meeting as available

Thank you for your interest in the SAEMS scholarship!

Who to Contact

BJ Cordova – SAEMS Education Chair
(520) 481-3223