How it all got started


The idea of an environmental group was started by Glynis Coulter and Richard Carter over a Monte Cristo lunch.

From that meeting, we decided to ask John Egan to join us on the next lunch at Silver Saddle.


The first organizational meeting of SAEMS was held at Richard and Lois Carter’s home on November 3, 1986 at 8 PM. The second meeting was held at John Egan’s home on November 17, 1986 and the third meeting at the home of Glynis Coulter on December 1, 1986. The names “SAEMS” and the newsletter “Hazmatters” were decided in these three meetings.


The first luncheon meeting was held on January 19, 1987 with 39 attendees; all of who joined the new group. The first Hazmatters Newsletter was issued in January 1987 with John Egan as editor. It contained articles by Dr. Dinah Jasensky and Mark Grushka. The 233rd final issue was published in February 2007 (20 years).


Over 110 people attended the first RCRA Seminar at the Holidome on Saturday, December 12, 1987. The first “Golden Bung Wrench of Power” (meeting gavel) was given to SAEMS second president, Glynis Coulter, by founding president Richard Carter in June 1988.

The SAEMS By-Laws were reviewed and approved by a majority vote of the membership in June 1989. They were written by Ed Fox and Nancy Turner.


Since its founding over 30 years ago, SAEMS has enriched the lives of many hundreds of Arizonans through its training seminars and monthly luncheon meetings.